Commercial Signage: MGS Tata Auto Fab

Communication Design Oct 15, 2021

The Place

MGS Auto Fab is a fabrication repair shop of Tata trucks and vehicles in Chinhat, Lucknow.

The usual traffic involves the employees and customers visiting the fabrication place to get their vehicles repaired. The place was set up with little/almost no attention to signage, where most of the signage was painted on wherever required, which haven’t been updated and/or cleaned up in ages.

Existing Identity

There is no set identity, but there’s a lot of Tata branding and advertisements plastered all over the place. I decided to use the Tata branding colour palette and
guidelines to develop the signage for the workshop.

Data collection

I drew diagrams of the area and collected data regarding rooms, warning signs, directional signage and service areas.

There’s a central driving area around which all the service areas are set around.


There were a number of challenges that were highlighted after the collection of the data.

  • Creating a design system consistent with the existing company guidelines that can scale over time with the service centre itself.
  • The signage system has to be compatible with both pedestrians and drivers.
  • Setting up a multi-lingual typography system for the varied crowd here.
  • High visibility boards will be needed, so experimentation with materials will be needed too.

Signage Plan

The dimensions and aspect ratio of various services were modified a bit so as to improve the hierarchy.

The signs are painted at some places where larger signs are needed for increased visibility and budget constraints.

The regulatory signage is put up at appropriate places.

Colour Palette

As stated earlier, due to the absence of any existing identity, I decided to use the Tata branding colour palette and guidelines to develop the signage for the workshop. I used the Tata blue primarily as an accent colour, with neutral greys as complementaries.


Mukta was used for its fairly neutral characteristics and support for Devanagari, as the signs had to feature both Hindi and English to cater to its customers.

A single font family was used to keep the entire branding relatively simple for consistency and easier reproduction and generation in the future.

Directory Signage

The main directory signage will be put near the main door and at the other end of the service centre near the junkyard, so as to give the user some idea about one’s physical position and can use it to navigate the area.

Locational Signage

Locational signages are put up to mark areas with physical divisions and imaginary divisions. They range from boards to painted signage to mark prominent locations.

Directional Signage

Directional signages are shaped as arrows so that they can be seen clearly from a distance as people drive heavy vehicles on the premises.

Regulatory Signage

Required regulatory signages can be placed at appropriate places with the appropriate colour to signify their purpose.


Rishabh Kumar k

A product-oriented and grounded approach to design to create scalable and tangible solutions for organisations.

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