Peepli Live: A Video Essay

Opinion Oct 14, 2021
"Zindagi ban gayi hai bell bottom aur khudkhushi ban gayi hai jeans pant"

Peepli Live is a dramatized telling of the life of two farmers in the fictional state of Mukhya Pradesh. Two brothers, Natha and Budhia Das run their family farm together. But because they defaulted on a loan, the bank is going to auction away their farm.

In desperation, they go to the local MLA to beg for a loan to repay their loan. The local MLA, informs them that the govt has a scheme where if a farmer commits suicide, their family receives a sum of 1 lakh rupees. Natha is pushed into deciding to take his own life by his brother. The media catches wind of this decision and the rest of the film follows the media circus and the political debacle that follows.


  • Atul Tripathi
  • Cherian Jeremiah Iype
  • Niharika Mohile
  • Rishabh Kumar


Rishabh Kumar k

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