Projects on Behance!

Oct 13, 2021

I have an older repository of projects that are hosted on Behance. Do check them out too!

My Mood Indigo | Digital Product Design
My Mood Indigo | Digital Product Design
Ergonomic Gratr.
Ergonomic Gratr.
Navnirmiti Math Fair 2020 After Movie
An after-movie that we made for Navnirmiti Eduquality Foundation for the Math Fair 2020.
A Piece Of Flesh | Video Game
A 2D platformer game telling the story of a piece of flesh looking for motivation to move ahead in life.
WordPlay!: A Learning Tool
An educational tool to combine storytime and playtime for 3rd grades, to increase engagement in narratives and build excitement for stories and books.
Idgah by Premchand | Typesetting and Designing Books
My explorations with typesetting and typography in Devnagari and Latin.

Rishabh Kumar k

A product-oriented and grounded approach to design to create scalable and tangible solutions for organisations.

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