Remembell: Rapido Rapid Design Task

Dec 4, 2021

A 5-hour design sprint to ideate and map out Remembell, designed for reminding people of tasks and events of various complexities and priority.

The Brief

Task Breakdown

I made chunks out of the entire design sprint and allocated time accordingly to the required deliverables and tasks.

  • Understanding the brief - 20 minutes
  • Assumptions and Research, Identification of pain points - 100 minutes
  • Ideation - 30 minutes
  • Developing the screens - 120 minutes
  • Wrapping up and documentation - 3o minutes

Assumptions and Research

Since this was a very quick sprint, I did very quick methodology research and established assumptions to push my ideation and designs forward.  

Assumptions and Research

User Problems and Pain Points

I mapped out the pain points and insights to address in my solution.


I mapped out my initial set of ideas to build my concepts. I defined technologies and concepts which can help us build a smarter reminder tool.

Visual Moodbaord

I developed a very quick visual board to direct my visual design decisions.

Final Concept

Rishabh Kumar

A product-oriented and grounded approach to design to create scalable and tangible solutions for organisations.

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